groeiStroom in English


My mission is to help people cope with their stress and burn-out in a healthy, positive way and to be able to cope with any goals/issues they may have in the future on their own. Whatever life brings to their path. Life offers many challenges and each person will deal with these challenges in their own unique way. Sometimes we just can’t cope with the stress life offers us. We need help to learn how to deal with stress in a way that suits us; in a healthy way: balanced and positive.

Are you that ambitious professional who gives more than 100% at home and at work? Who is there for everyone, even if you have to postpone all the ‘fun’ things and usually cancel them. Are you often tired, do you sleep badly and feel your head overflowing with everything you have to do and run out of time every day. You feel stressed, not happy with your life, you imagined it all to be different and you think you are the only one who can’t juggle it all. You feel guilty and frustrated. You are experiencing a lot of stress and/or you have been diagnosed with burnout.

As an ambitious professional, do you want to give 100% at home and at work and have time to enjoy yourself, sleep well and wake up rested? Feel positive and balanced. You may feel stress from time to time, but know that you can handle it well.


I always work on the basis of honesty, sincerity and with a dose of humour. These three basic principles are very important to me and from these I want to create a bond of trust with you. Furthermore, I work on the basis of equality between you and me. With mutual respect for and without judgement about each other’s origin, religion, norms and values.
In order to find the answer to your coaching question, I will listen to you, ask you questions, summarize what you say and continue asking questions. Everything you tell me remains between us. . When we encounter resistance/blockages I will help you investigate where this comes from so that they can be resolved and you can continue to grow.
Through my training as coach & stress counsellor and 8 years of experience as a stress and burn-out coach I have the expertise to give you insights/tools to be and stay in balance in all facets of your life.
My coaching is aimed at ensuring that you achieve your goals and are ready to tackle any other goals/issues independently in the future.


Coaching, Stress- and Burnout Counselling, Workshops, Mindfulness courses and Meditation Walks are all available in English too!


Via the contact page you can leave your message and I will contact you as soon as possible.

If it is urgent than you can contact me on my mobilenumber 06 4089 0759 and leave a message on my voicemail. I will not pick up the phone when I am coaching as they, like you, deserve my full attention. I will phone you as soon as possible.